Parental Code of Conduct & Responsibilities Contract


The Thomaston-Upson County Recreation Department would like to share with you standards, procedures and policies for our


Offenders of the below stated code of conduct and responsibilities are subject to immediate removal from any game/practice or possibly the baseball program.


Parents should not use foul or abusive language toward any umpire.  Umpires are trained to make calls.  At times it will be a judgment call or an opinion of that umpire.   Remember that a parent has never over ruled an umpire and never will.  Understand that no one (including an umpire) is perfect…umpires call games as they see them to the best of their ability.   Parents’ conduct should be conduct that you would want your child or other children to model.  Please remember this in your tone, your words and your actions.  Youngsters are watching you and will be influenced by your behavior.  

Your player has registered to play baseball.  Playing a sport requires practice, conditioning and perseverance.  Playing a team sport requires having team members present at practice to be conditioned, evaluated and trained for positions.  It is important for a team sport to have all members present for practice.  Every player will be given the opportunity to play.  We would like to remind the players that this is an instructional league, we are here to better your baseball ability and to get some ready for the Spring.  So please make sure you can get your player to practices and games.  Players/Parents need to let coaches know as soon as possible if they will not be able to play in a game.  This will allow the coach adequate time to revise team strategy.

If as a parent you have questions or concerns, please be courteous and professional.   Periods prior to practices or games are not appropriate times to discuss problems you may have with you players’ baseball experience.  Coaches should be focusing attention on practice and or the game.  We suggest either a telephone call, email or arrange a time to meet/discuss concerns at a mutually convenient time.   Please speak with your coach first.  Follow the chain of command.  If you still have concerns then bring them to the attention of the League Commissioner.  Submit concerns in writing to him.  He will review, make recommendations and respond.  If after this course of action,  your concerns have not been sufficiently addressed, then present your written concerns the Grievance Committee.  They will review and respond.   If in the event concerns are still present, you may take item before Fall Baseball Board.  Then we will take it before the Recreation Department for clarification and procedures.

Enthusiasm for the sport is admirable, but controlled enthusiasm is best.  Always show respect for other team players, spectators and coaches.  Loud and abusive yelling will not be tolerated.  Parental and spectator comments should be positive and controlled.  Offenders are subject to the following course of action:  (1.) Verbal warning (2.) Letter of reprimand (3.) Meeting with Athletic Superintendent  (4.) Suspension.  Offenders of the above stated code of conduct and responsibilities are subject to immediate removal from any game/practice or possibly the baseball program. 

I (we) have read the above information and accept these conditions as part of my player's commitment to the Thomaston-Upson County Fall Baseball Program and acknowledge the consequences of my (our) actions.


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